Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thrift Store Transformation #4

     Yay, for another crafty transformation! Well, this may be the last post for awhile, unfortunately. The point of this blog was to inspire me to use all my free time this semester to craft. Crafting makes my soul happy:) However, all this free time is about to jump out of the window and fly far, far away. I'm excited about moving cities and changing jobs, but I will miss my open days to let my creativity run free. Guess i'll just channel it towards my soon-to-be classroom! Ooh. I think I'm cool with that!

Here is what I started with...

I loved the color of this dress! However, it had an odd shape. It appears to be frowning at its misfortune. 
I would love to know the designer's thought process behind that complimentary embroidered fan/rose. Not sure I understand this one.   

Time to get rid of that fan! I always get too excited and end up butchering the initial cut. At least I  can still even it up later. 

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I left some extra fabric at the top in order to allow room to add some of my own decor. 
These lovelies are also thrift store purchases that I planned to use as accent fabric. I thought the colors would be super fun with the purple.

I love making fabric flowers! Of course that's what I'm going to accent my NOW purple skirt with.  I traced and cut out a handful of circles with which to make my flowers. My circles were roughly 4" wide. I also made a couple smaller ones that were around 2 1/2" wide. BUT, make them any size you want. Experiment!
Next, I just ran thread around the entire edge of the fabric circle. Then, I pulled the yarn tight and WAH LA!  Just tie your thread off and you're good to go. 

I just clustered them onto my skirt and then sewed them on! My sewing skills are far from polished, but as long as it looks good from works for me:)
I used the bottom rim of the coral shirt to make a belt out of.  It gave my skirt a more finished look.


Total price: $10.12!

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