Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Most Wonderful Discovery

It all started when my roommate Missy and I decided to hike the two miles out of our neighborhood to the local wine store. It was such a beautiful day and walking to the store to buy some wine for our dinner sounded like a lovely addition to our evening. However, forgetting that we live in  Tennessee, we arrived at the wine shop only to remember that it was indeed Sunday and definitely not open. So, what seemed to be such a grand idea was not quite going to play out as planned.  

In order to make our trip worthwhile, we headed another block down to Fresh Market. To me, Fresh Market is not just a grocery store, it is therapy. After a stressful day, to walk into a place playing soothing classical music, greeted by a wonderful flower display, and filled with aisles of coffee, chocolate, and other happiness is bliss. Yes, to say the least their marketing design is brilliant for people like me. ANYWAYS, alls to say, our change in plans led me to discover that Fresh Market carries a most delightful  "Happy": Justin's Hazelnut Butter. 

If you love Nutella, you might just fall over after tasting this goodness. Not only does is have a more natural and authentic hazelnut/chocolate flavor, but it's quite a bit healthier than Nutella (if you would rather avoid those hydrogenated oils). 

 It might cost you a pretty a penny, but it's all about perspective, RIGHT? 
I like to think of it as a cheap gift to myself rather than an expensive addition to my grocery list. Then everyone is happy:) 

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