Saturday, March 26, 2011

A little Thrift Store Transformation

Alright, since I will be teaching soon I decided that my wardrobe needed some revamping. Ideally, I would love to walk into Anthropologie, pick out a wardrobe, and walk out. But since I shouldn't spend my life savings on clothes, I decided I would just get crafty instead. So, I headed down to my favorite thrift store to find something ugly and cheap that had a lot of potential.

So, I bought this beauty for just $2.48! I know it's rough. If only you could have seen the shoulder pads and the faux sewn-in handkerchief. But something this ugly makes re-do'ing it that much fun!

The jacket needed to go. I had a better plan for that not so lovely piece of fabric.

I cut three different sized strips from the fabric of the jacket to make FLOWERS to decorate the top !

Next, i sewed a string of thread through  the bottom.

Once you pull the string tight, sew up the ends, then you've got a flower! 

I made more flowers out of other fabric and sewed them together.

Next, I added some beads, a bit of wire, and then sewed the three flowers together. 

Now for the dress. Just a little bit too long.

I added some pleats to give it some shape and...

...TA DA! A fun dress that didn't cost me more than $3!!! Props to Missy for modeling it for me:) 


  1. miss lauren miller:

    oh my goodness. look at you go! i love this. just sewed emma a wallet yesterday from old jeans and scap fabric. i might just have to make myself one of these little diddies!


  2. Lauren this is too cute!! I am so impressed. Please put a trip to birmingham on your calendar and teach me how to sew!!!

  3. ummm lauren miller... this is so dang CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  4. this is GREAT! well done, creative friend!

  5. Why are you leaving!?!? We could make cookies and sew everyday!